About Topsy

  1. We concentrate in importing and promoting premium wines for more than 30 years
  2. Already sold over 10 million bottles of ex-chateau wines in HK & China
  3. Superb reputation. Generally considered by top insiders in Bordeaux as one of the leading fine wine companies in the world
  4. Ex-chateau stocks ONLY. Never buy from secondary markets & auctions. Top notch condition guaranteed
  5. Carry a wide range of products but focus on French Grand Cru

Company Background

Topsy Trading Company Limited was founded in 1983 by Mr Thomas Yip. Over three decades of time, Topsy has evolved from a small local operation to one of the most reputable wine powerhouses in Asia. We concentrate in importing and promoting premium wines.

Our Reputation

Topsy may not be a well known household name since our business focuses mainly on wholesale and private customers; however, in all premium Bordeaux producers’ and wine merchants’ view, we are one of the most professional and experienced wine companies in the world. In addition, we are widely regarded within the Bordeaux wine community as the pioneer of premium wine importer in Asia, with a strong focus in the China and Hong Kong markets.

Our Strength

We store no less than 1 million bottles of wine at all times, boosting us as one of the largest holder of fine wine in the world. We started to invest in Bordeaux futures (En Primeur) since 1994 and we now follow more than 20,000 cases of Bordeaux Grand Cru allocation each year during the primeur campaign.

No compromise on Quality

We guarantee the source of all wines we import. Unlike many other companies, we do not buy and sell private stock from auctions and secondary markets, where price can be attractive but quality cannot be guaranteed. We are one of the very few companies in the region who can guarantee that all our Bordeaux Grand Crus are Ex Chateau stocks shipped exclusively from the origin. We only purchase stocks through futures (En Primeur) or exclusive late releases from chateaux.

Professional Storage and Handling

All our wines are stored in our privately owned warehouses in Hong Kong (over 5,000 square meters or 50,000 square feet). All these warehouses are temperature controlled and carefully monitored daily in order to maintain the best storage conditions thus product quality since day one. We are also very detail oriented when it comes to transportation handling, both in terms of transportation from a foreign country to Hong Kong or from our warehouses to final customers’ destination. With our experience, we obtained many learning and are aware of many nuances of what may go wrong, when even many other experienced wine professionals may not know. To most people, wine storage and transportation seem easy and straight-forward, but we know they are not.


With support of our long term customers, we promise to better ourselves and provide ever-improving professional services in the future. For any business opportunity or partnership, please feel free to contact us. We take all potential businesses seriously.

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